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Coach substitution for vehicle disruption events close to Lecce

The coach rental agency City transport Lecce can provide urgent backup for coach rental companies that need to face any category of obstacle while on the streets in Lecce or Apulia. If you have a vehicle deficit, a motor vehicle obstacle or an insufficiency of driving time of your original driver, our trained agency is available to send you replacement coaches or an additive bus driver quickly. Evade the struggle of despairingly searching for easily reachable bus charter companies and check that you don't let your tourists become angry unneededly. By reason of our professional intervention, they will be able to climb onto their latest motorcoach soon and proceed with their passenger journey without further delays.

Profit from effective support if suddenly your bus collapses in the street

From our viewpoint, there are few incidents as troublesome as a vehicle issue during the tour. Whether it is a technological difficulty, a motorizing flaw of the bus, the air con not working, a blowout of the tyres or your coach conductor depleting the legally possible steering time - the index of potentially arising bus malfunction predicaments is lengthy. The bus operator City transport Lecce can do aid for these and consimilar incidents in Italy and in the conterminous areas. If you should have a bus defect, our team can supply you with bookable jack-in-the-box coaches from Lecce as well as from the surroundings of entire Apulia. The recommended procedure in case you lack relief is completely uncomplicated: when you realise that you might get in an emergency scenario, please proceed to call us in using . Describe us the group journey you need, plus the number of persons to be transported, the amount of suitcases, the meeting point and of course the last dropoff point. Our staff will inform you when at the earliest we can make a substitute bus show up at your fault address as well as how high the cost of the surrogate bus will be. Subsequently, you may opt whether or not you go for the replacement coach which waits for your booking.

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Important data you need to assemble if you encounter a coach malfunction near Lecce

The more information you present to us, the more rapidly we will be able to help you and your fellow voyagers. Our trustworthy SOS operator pool is regularly accustomed to solve a problem quickly, efficiently and reliably. It is possible for them to provide support for you if you help our staff by letting us know of all the important parameters referring to your coach fault. The succeeding details are useful to enable us to act quickly:

Situation of crisis: When you communicate us the coordinates of your breakdown, a most accurate data are largely saluted. Apulia is a massively copious region, and we cannot guess among the plenty of available spaces to gather a party of voyagers from. Please be so kind to provide us at the minimum the street name and number of house. The Google Maps coordinates would be quite helpful, honestly spoken.

Street vehicle tour route to be carried through: Our backup buses are as contrasting as the thinkable triggers for the motorcoach disruption . You can ask for a substitute for a one-way transfer, a close and far sightseeing excursions on the territory of Lecce, a group trip to another city in Apulia or even for a more than one day wild card. Make certain that you pinpoint the option you desire when requesting the backup.

Important details of the strandes voyagers to be moved: Bits of information that we require: amount of travellers and baggage amount to be driven , origin of the voyagers, special specifications ( e.g. baby seats, baggage hangers etc. ). The more coherent your informations are, the better we can assist you and resolve your breakdown by conveying the best possible disruption assistance.